How to install Wordpress on your DownDoggy Hosting

Installing WordPress on DownDoggy Hosting

Installing WordPress on is easy, forget about FTP! Just click and let DownDoggy handle the install for you. Here are the 7 simple steps to start blogging with WordPress.

Step 1:

Go to and click “MyAccount.”  And login to your DownDoggy Hosting Control Panel. Under the “Content” tab, select DownDoggy’s “Value Application” from the drop down menu.


  • STEP 1: Click the “Value Application” from the dropdown.

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Step 2:

In the left side menu click “Blogs,” the menu will expand, click on “WordPress”

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  • STEP 2: In the left side menu click “Blogs,” the menu will expand, click on “WordPress”

Step 3:

When the next screen appears, click on “Install Now!” to start the installation.

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  • STEP 3: Click the “Install Now!” button to install WordPress.

Step 4:

You will then be asked to choose the domain you want to use for the install. Check the box next to your domain name and then click on “Continue”


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  • Step 4: Select the domain to install WordPress under.
  • …click “Continue” button

Step 5:

You will then be asked to select a password for your database. This is likely the first and last time you’ll use this information. It’s good to make a secure password (Note: password should be between 7 and 14 characters, don’t start with a number, and use upper and lowercase letters). whats my ip . Click the  “Next” button when you’re done.

Setup Database


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  • …click “Next” button
  • Create password.
  • Keep description as the default.

Choose Install Directory


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  • Keep “wordpress” the default install directory
  • …click “Next” button

Step 7:

You will need to enter the following (write these down in case you forget them):

  1. Admin Name – can be your name, admin, owner. whatever you like.
  2. Admin Password – choose a password and verify it
  3. Email – enter your email address
  4. Blog Title – the name of your blog

Click on “Finish” once you have entered everything.


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  • Step 6: Create login information. You will use this to login to WordPress
  • …click “Finish” button

Last Step:

Click on the “My Applications” located at the top. That is it! The following message will appear letting you know that your install request has been submitted. Your WordPress blog will be up and running shortly.


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