How to Create a MySpace App Tutorial

You maybe asking yourself, how do I create a MySpace app — or where do I get started developing a MySpace app? You’ve found the right place. This is a rough over view in 17 steps, how to get started… I recommend you have some basic knowledge of MySpace, HTML, and PHP before you get started with this tutorial. If you’re used to developing Facebook applications you’ll find MySpace uses some familiar concepts. Namely, allowing you to utilize languages you are familiar with. In the case of this tutorial on how to create a MySpace App, we use hosting as a guide to get you started.


  • Linux Hosting (use hosting for best results, not required)
  • PHP 5
  • Read instructions from the text first, not the image.
MySpace Logo

Example App:



Step 1:

Sign up for a MySpace account. It doesn’t matter what kind of MySpace account you get. If you have one already, log in.

step 1:

Step 2 & 3:

Sign in at if you’re not already signed in. Next, click “My Apps” this is where you will normally go to manage your MySpace Apps.

step 2 and 3:

Step 4:

You will need to create an developer account and get approved.

step 4:

Step 5 & 6:

Once you’re approved as a developer, start by clicking the “Build.” Next, name your MySpace App, provide email, password and agree to terms.

step 5 and 6:

Step 7, 8 & 9:

The green area is self explanitory. Note: you can leave these fields blank if you don’t have info to provide now. Copy down your MySpace App URI Key. You’ll need it in Step 15. (eg. Point to your MySpace App directory under your hosting. (eg. Copy down your Secret Security Key. You’ll need it in Step 15.

step 7, 8 and 9:

Step 10, 11 & 12:

Click “Edit App Source” tab. Next, under App Type select “External IFrame.” Point the URL where your application is located. In next two tabs, Profile & Home Surface type “Hello World” into text area as default App Type HTML / Javascript.

step 10, 11 and 12:

Step 13:

Download the MySpace PHP Client Library provided by Jerome, a MySpace developer. Skip this step if you are using our sample app provided at the beginning of this tutorial.

step 13:

Step 14:

Upload the contents of myspace-platform.tar.gz to your MySpace App directory under your hosting account. Or, if you are using the provided in the beginning of this tutorial, upload the “OAuth.php” & “Space.php” from the zip file.

step 14:

Step 15:

Create your index.php. This example pulls all your profile information into an array.
 <?php    $mySpaceID = '4416169'; // user ID from any MySpace Account    require_once('Space.php');   $key = ''; // Your MySpace App URI Key   $secret = 'ajsj8s8hvh8llsjdd8dhgejndhdjc'; // Your Secret Security Key   $s = new Space($key,$secret);   $hProfile = $s->profile($mySpaceID);         // Display Array Variables & Information   echo '<pre>';    print_r($hProfile);   echo '</pre>'; ?>


step 15:

Step 16:

Upload your index.php file to your MySpace App directory under your hosting account.

step 16:

You’re Done!

Success! You’ve successfully pulled your user information from MySpace using your hosting. Now you can start designing your MySpace App!

step 17:



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